College Matching List Service

College Matching List ($100)

Researching colleges and contacting coaches directly is an important part of the recruiting process. Your ability to find colleges that match athletic and academic skills is critical for success. Unfortunately, few of us have the time it takes to locate each school’s information.

Using our database technology, we match your skill level, academic standing and other search criteria to college programs throughout the country.

Search filters include:

– College playing level (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and Junior College)
– Regional preferences
– Size of school
– Public or private
– Cost of tuition
– Academic standing

Go here to complete the College Search Form and submit. You will receive your list of matching colleges/universities in 1-2 days.


Silver Package (300.00)

– Includes College Matching List Service
– Create Player Profile and Highlight Video


Gold Package ($800)

ATRR assists and guides the recruit and family throughout the recruiting process
Create an Action Plan
NCAA eligibility and guidelines
Create player profile and highlight video (update and edit both as needed)
Best practices when communicating with college coaches.
Questions to ask coaches, players, and students
Communicating regularly with recruit and family to discuss progress

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