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Education and Action Plan Services                                          Today college coaches receive more emails, player profiles and highlight videos than ever before. Players who are more proactive during the recruiting process have a significantly better chance of getting a scholarship and/or financial package from a college. Many athletes and parents don’t have the experience necessary to successfully maneuver through the recruiting process.  It takes time and persistence to successfully market oneself to college coaches. Athletes need to sell the college coaches on why they would be a great fit for the school and their program.

As for the college coaches, Recruiting Is A Numbers Game. Every college athletic program has lists of players they are recruiting or plan on recruiting in the future. If Player A decides to go elsewhere, then they’ll make the offer to Player B, then Player C and so on and so on, until they get a commitment. IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYER A OR PLAYER B, YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMMUNICATING WITH COLLEGES THAT MEETS YOUR ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC NEEDS.

College Matching List Service ($100.00)                                                                              Using our database technology, we match your skill level, academic standing and standardized test scores (ACT, SAT) to college programs throughout the country. Our search filter allows us to specify college level (D I, D II, D III, NAIA, and Junior College), size of school, public or private, cost of tuition and regional preferences.

Our college matching lists provides players and parents the necessary information to begin the recruiting process. Included in your matching list is the college/university and the head coach’s direct contact information (email and phone number).

Education, Assessment and Evaluation Service ($250.00)
Educating and Guiding players and families through the recruiting process.

* Providing overview of the recruiting process
* Assist in creating player profile and  highlight video                                                                            * Components of a player profile resume.
* Discussing footage to include in a highlight video.
* Email profile and video to matching colleges.
* Reviewing academics, NCAA eligibility and guidelines.

Action Plan Service ($600.00)                                                                                                        We work with the recruit and family throughout their recruitment. Services include:
* Helping create player profile, edit as needed and send to matching colleges.
* Editing recruiting video, add new clips, and resend to colleges of interest.
* Guiding recruit on clear and concise communication with college coaches.
* Preparing recruit for college coaches’ questions (mock interviews).
* Providing recruit with a list of questions to ask the coaches and current players.
* Helping navigate recruit when choosing basketball camps to attend.
* Preparing recruit for official/unofficial visits.
* Communicating regularly with recruit and family to discuss progress

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