Welcome to Above The Rim Recruiting, Inc (ATRR). My name is Elliot Whitefield, founder of Above The Rim Recruiting. I have spent the last twenty five years teaching and coaching high school basketball. I made the decision to utilize my educational and athletic experience to guide and assist student athletes and their families in the recruiting process. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a person will make in their lifetime. That is why it’s imperative that recruits and families have as much information as possible to help in the decision. We will assist, guide, and provide you with the needed information to successfully manage the recruiting process, as well as, get you on college coaches’ radar.

Athletic recruits and their families MUST be realistic about their talent level and communicate with colleges/universities that best fit their needs academically, athletically, socially and financially. Recruiting has changed over the years and recruits need to make themselves standout by marketing themselves to the “RIGHT” colleges.

With the technological advancements, college coaches receive more emails and highlight videos than ever. There is not enough time in a day for coaches to sift through it all. Most players and families don’t have the time required to research colleges, create player profiles, edit and create highlight videos, email to colleges of interest and follow up with the college coaches. The recruiting process can be confusing and becomes more and more complex as college coaches make decisions about recruits.

Every year, thousands of deserving student athletes will not be offered scholarships simply because they did not effectively manage their recruitment? Athletic recruits need to separate themselves from the pack.

Three ways athletic recruits separate themselves from the pack.

1.) They have better grades and a higher ACT score,
2.) They are clearly more talented
3.) They understood the recruiting process and managed it more effectively.

Above The Rim Recruiting Services

  1. College Matching List Service
    Our matching lists provides players and families the necessary information
    to begin the recruiting process. Included in the list is the college/university,
    the current head coach and his/her direct contact information.
  1. Education and Evaluation Service
    We educate players and families about the various components involved in the recruiting process.
  1. Action Plan Service
    We work hand-in-hand with players and families throughout the recruiting process.

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It Is Very Simple; If College Coaches Don’t Know About You….
They Can’t Recruit You.

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