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AAU/Travel Coach,

Welcome to Above The Rim Recruiting, Inc. (ATRR). We specialize in guiding players and assisting basketball programs in various aspects of the recruiting process. My name is Elliot Whitefield, Owner of ATRR. I have been involved in basketball for over 20 years as a high school coach, AAU/travel coach, regional scout for colleges throughout the country, and co-owner of exposure basketball camps. Our mission is to work with AAU programs and assist players by guiding them through various aspects in the recruiting process.

With all of the technological advancements, college coaches receive more emails, highlight videos, and player profiles/resumes than ever before. Most college coaches already know the mid to high D I players in your program. It is your D I, D II, D III, NAIA, and Junior College level players that need to be the most proactive during the recruiting process. Running a program, recruiting new players, addressing parental concerns, training players, and traveling to and from tournaments are extremely time consuming.

Using our database technology, we match a player’s skill level, GPA and standardized test scores to college programs throughout the country. Our search filter allows us to specify college level (D I, D II, D III, NAIA, and Junior College), size of school, public or private, cost of tuition, and regional preferences. Providing our College Matching List Service for your players will give them the necessary information to begin the recruiting process. Our lists include the name of the college/university and the most current head coach’s contact information.

The College Matching List Service costs $50.00 per player. If you include the $50.00 charge into your current fees, your costs will be covered. It’s really a win-win situation for your program because you will be providing a tremendous recruiting resource for you players at no cost to you.

Including our College Matching List Service can be a terrific recruiting tool when talking to potential players and families. Below is a description of our Education Service.

If you are interested, we offer an education service for your program or individual players.

Program/Player Education Service ($125.00)
We educate players about the recruiting process. Service includes:

* Providing overview of the recruiting process.
* Reviewing academics, NCAA eligibility and guidelines.
* Describing components of a player profile resume.
* Discussing footage to include in a highlight video.
* Defining recruiting terminology.

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